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  • Intelligent constant temperature and humidity box
    Programmable high low temperature test chamber
    High low temperature tester
    Temperature humidity test chamber
    Programmable temperature humidity tester
    UV aging test chamber
    Fluorescent ultraviolet aging box
    Fluorescent UV test chamber
    Dongguan haoen Testing Instrument Co., Ltd
    Dongguan haoen Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of laboratory test equipment, and has set up various service outlets all over the country. The company has first-class technical and management talents, which makes the company&#39......
    Our Commitment
    We offer you products that are not good, but practical; they do not seek cheap but cost-effective
    Marketing Concept
    Guided by the needs of customers, with brand new products as the main body, we continuously deliver newer and more suitable products to the market
    Product Quality
    Our instrument products meet professional standards and GB.BS.ASTM . EN.UL.ISO .cns. Relevant testing standards of various industries such as DIN
    After-sale Service
    Customers' requirements are our goal. Our products are free installation, debugging, door-to-door training, one-year free warranty, lifelong maintenance and upgrading.
    Latest News
    Refrigeration mechanism and principle of high and low temperature test chamber
    The refrigeration cycle of high and low temperature test chamber adopts reverse clamp if cycle, which consists of
    Maintenance method of tensile testing machine
    1 The first is daily maintenance, which is what we need to do every day or after each experiment1) Before the
    Factors affecting test accuracy and function of tensile testing machine
    The force sensor of the tensile testing machine: the quality of the sensor directly determines the accuracy and


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