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  • Ultraviolet aging box
    UV aging test chamber
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    UV aging test chamber
    Model: HE-UVA-3T
    Product Information
    Product Description
    1. Use
    UV aging test chamber is to simulate the damage caused by ultraviolet light, rain and dew, by putting the tested materials expose to light with high temperature control and water alternating cycle, make the material do test. The UV lamp was used to simulate the radiation effect of sunshine, with the condensate water and spray water to simulate the dew and rain. Just a few days or weeks, ultraviolet irradiation device can appear the damage which produce outdoor for several months or even years, including fade, color changes, lose luster, pulverization, rupture, crack, wrinkle, blister, tendering, strength reduction, oxidation and so on, the test result can be used to choose new material and improve the present materials, or estimate the change of material formula.

    1.    UV aging test chamber
    1.1.    Model HE-UVA-3T
    1.2.    Inner box size W(1140) × H(390)× D(400) mm
    1.3.    Outer box W(1300) × H(1470) × D(500)mm
    1.4.    Power supply AC 220V, 50HZ, 3.5KW
    1.5.    Machine weight About 150KG (without package weight)
    1.6.    Irradiance control system Irradiometer (customer optional) irradiance range: 0.45~0.9W/m2
    2.    Technical parameters
    2.1.    Lamp type UV-A(315~400nm)、UV-B(280~315nm)  (customer optional)
    2.2.    Lamp brand ATLAS or Q-Lab, American original imported lamp
    2.3.    Lamp quantity 8 lamps, each lamp is 40W
    2.4.    Lamp effective use life 1600 hours
    2.5.    Center distance of lamp 70mm
    3.    Test box temperature index
    3.1Temperature range RT+10~70℃
    3.2Humidity range ≥90%RH
    3.4Temperature fluctuation ±3℃
    3.5Temperature resolution 0.1℃
    4.    Blackboard thermometer
    4.1 Measuring range 45~80℃
    4.2 Tolerance ±3℃
    4.3 Temperature control type PID self-tuning temperature control type


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