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    Refrigeration mechanism and principle of high and low temperature test chamber

    2021-03-19 16:09:59    click:
    The refrigeration cycle of high and low temperature test chamber adopts reverse clamp if cycle, which consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes. The process is as follows: the refrigerant is compressed to a higher pressure through the compressor insulation, which consumes work to increase the exhaust temperature. After that, the refrigerant is transferred to the surrounding medium through heat exchange between the condenser and the surrounding medium. After the refrigerant through the shut-off valve thermal expansion to do work, then the refrigerant temperature is reduced. The uncoiled refrigerant absorbs heat from the object with higher temperature through evaporator isothermal, which reduces the temperature of the cooled object. This cycle starts again and again to achieve the purpose of cooling down;
    Refrigeration system and compressor
    In order to ensure the temperature reduction rate and min temperature requirements of the test chamber, the refrigeration system of the high and low temperature test chamber adopts the cascade refrigeration system composed of imported compressors. The refrigeration system has the advantages of reasonable matching, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance;
    Refrigeration mode
    Double machine cascade refrigeration;
    Defrosting method
    The high and low temperature test chamber defrosts automatically. Through the automatic conversion of solenoid valve, the high temperature and high pressure gas at the exhaust end of the compressor is introduced into the refrigeration evaporator, which makes the surface temperature of the evaporator rise and the condensate is discharged out of the room;
    Energy regulation
    The design of refrigeration system of high and low temperature test box uses energy regulation technology. An effective treatment method can not only ensure the energy consumption and refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration system under the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, but also reduce the operating cost of the refrigeration system to a more economical state


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